Our hidden history

Has anyone been listening to the newest videos on YouTube from our hidden history ? I've really enjoyed the Harold Weisberg - The suppression of evidence. What a tour de force performance by him. He actually is funny in a subtle way till the very end when he breaks up the audience with his magic bullet explanation. You usually hear about the grouchy old man. Here he is quite charming & informative. Also check out The Yankee & Cowboy War: Carl Oglesby & Nixon & Watergate: The California Connection. The Watergate features in the 2nd half of the program Richard Popkin author of The Second Oswald & Donald Freed.


  • Thanks for the references. I have the Oglesby book, which I read many years ago. I just ordered his _Who Killed JFK?._ I haven't been following _Our Hidden History._ Just watching the Weisberg talk.

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