Shows #981-986 (mega-thread)

Sorry folks, I got busy with all this covid-19 stuff and didn't do my weekly show conversation post for a few weeks. If you have anything specific to the following shows to talk about please post in this thread, or feel free to start a new one.

  • Show #981 - Guest: Douglas Valentine - Topics: CIA/TDY
  • Show #982 - Guests: Steve Jones, Gary Schoener, Lisa Pease, Dawn Meredith, Jerry Policoff - Topic: Remembering Jerry Policoff
  • Show #983 - Guest: Gary Shaw - Topic: JFK Conference
  • Show #984 - Guests: Dr. Cyril Wecht / Jim DiEugenio - Topic: Corona Virus
  • Show #985 - Guests: Bill Kelly, Dave Ratcliffe, Jim DiEugenio - Topic: Bob Dylan's Murder Most Foul
  • Show #986 - Guests: William Pepper - Topic: MLK Assassination

Wow, what a lot of great shows!

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