David Lifton Book

New here on the forum- so sorry if this has been covered already. A while back I listened to a podcast with David Lifton touting a new book that he was working on which supposedly had many new revelations. One I remember him saying was that the original plot was scheduled to have the autopsy done in Dallas and that the coroner there was in on the whole thing, but the secret service removing the body and taking it to Washington forced them to quickly set up alternate plans at Bethesda. There were other points that I cannot recall. Does anyone know what happened to that book? Len replied that he received some money up front to write this book. I have not heard anything and was curious if anyone else has.


  • Interesting. I don't know! Do you remember which podcast it was exactly? Here's the list: https://blackopradio.com/archives.html

    BTW, thanks for you post. Since starting this new edition of the forum, you're one of the few posters! Not sure why engagement with the forum is so low right now. If anyone has any suggestions to get conversation going here, let me know.

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