Black ops in Moscow 1984 with V. Putin



Kenyon Kane in the 1980s worked directly for two US Cabinet Secretaries performing services in the Soviet Union, Grenada and Northern Ireland. A Useful Idiot chronicles his contract assignment to Moscow.

November 1984, Kenyon Kane lands at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport carrying a dossier he doesn’t have security clearance to open, a map of Moscow missing most of the street names, five ten-dollar bills, (probably dyed with invisible ink), and an American Express card. Acting as a CIA “financial” agent, Hart must close a deal with the KGB, rig the transaction to produce enough “black money” to bribe KGB hard-liners to retire, and get out alive. And he only has Colonel Putin there to help him.

Is it possible to get some air time to discuss my black op assignments in the Soviet Union, Grenada and Northern Ireland?


  • Is this a true story, or what?

  • "Have you ever shot a man and watched him die. I don't mean popping off your weapon at the blinking flashes coming at you from a ridge line 500 yards away. I mean discharging your sidearm at a man's face 15 feet in front of you. Men don't die like they do in the movies. Oh yea, they flop to the ground. But that's not the end of it. Their arms and legs start trembling searching for a signal from a brain that ain't there no more.

    "Have you ever had your friend bleed-out while you kneel beside them. It doesn't take as long as you think. You whisper, "have faith in G_D." And if they do, they stay calm and at peace, waiting for G_D to shepherd them to the Holy gates. And if they don't have faith, you see the horror this world is all about upon their face.

    "Everyday I pray to Jesus to forgive me for what I've done."

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