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  • MinM September 2015
  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    Jim DiEugenio with interesting stuff about Dick Nixon's good buddy Bebe Rebozo...

    BTW,  I just started reading John Newman's new book. 

    I am only about fifty or so pages into it, but there is already a bombshell. 

    The FBi had some really potent information on Nixon that was dual sourced.

    One reason that Nixon was so intent on seeing the  BOP succeed was
    that he had been cut in on some of the Mafia skim through Batista.  The
    man who was the intermediary for him was none other than Bebe Rebozo.

    What makes this so interesting is that during the Taylor Commission
    hearings, when they interviewed some of the actual Cubans, they
    complained that too many of the exiles were former followers of Batista.

    Was Nixon planning on replacing his source of illicit funds?