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Scott Enyart vs. Lisa Pease on RFK Conspiracy/shooting
  • On recent shows from this summer (2015), Scott Enyart said that Sirhan and Eugene Thane Cesar could not have been part of the same conspiracy; I believe that the reason he gave is that then Cesar would have been agreeing to put himself in danger of being shot by Sirhan. Lisa Pease, in a show from June, said that Sirhan was likely shooting blanks and that there were (at least) two other shooters (one toward RFK from direction similar to Sirhan and the other from either Cesar or someone very close to him). What should we make of these two positions?
  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    I wondered about that too. Although in my 'signature' at the Rigorous Intuition blog I use a Scott Enyart quote which goes a long way to reconcile those two positions...

    In other words each member of the ops team was on a need to know basis. Thane Eugene Cesar needed to know his job. Sirhan was programmed to carry out his function. As was Michael Wayne and whoever else was part of that operation. My guess would be that they had no idea who else was in on it. They only had to know what their jobs were.
  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    Nice job getting Scott Enyart's first interview in 10 years.

    Very interesting about Greg Stone ...

    That's right up there with Vince Palamara's revelation about the  death of Special Agent Thomas B. Shipman, 10/14/1963 ...

     "One of JFK's drivers ... Thomas Shipman died suddenly"

    Officially, he died at Camp David of a heart attack.