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  • this is my letter to the editor as published by a local paper.

    funny thing though the online version is not in the archive but the previous and following issues are. I called them and they had no explaination but said they would fix that so lets see

    They re-titled but edited little else:


    The USA TODAY ignored my statements about the murder of the 35th President of the United States and the subsequent media coverage and cover-ups to be visited upon the American public an an upcoming falsehood produced by Tom hanks and HBO.

    Despite the print media's natural desire to profit from tragedy and Usa TODAY's publication of a mostly pictural peice of unenlightened history regarding JFK and resulting editorials from readers in support of a general smear campaign against our slain president they are unwilling to print the truth.

    The impending mutilation of historical reality concerning the assasination of President John F Kennedy to be perpetrated by Tom Hanks and his production entity has gone been neglected by most media outlets. This is disturbing to citizen researchers and all Americans desirous of the truth and an adequate explanation for the events that led to and surrounded the violent removal of the legally-elected leader of the free world, gunned down in broad daylight on the very soil he was chosen to govern.

    To be kind I would say our government and the media have both been reluctant to allow daylight to find its way to the dark and dirty secrets that may yet lead us to the ugly truth about our collectively denied right to keep the leader we elected in office and breathing despite seemingly unpopular or controversial actions.

    The forthcoming horror soley bassed on the readily discredited , more than 2,000 pages of abomination authored by ego-driven former prosecutor Vincent Bugliousi entitled Reclaiming History.

    The more than $1 million he received and more than 20 years he claims to have invested in research into the wholly cumersome volume of disinformation will climax in increased insult to truth delivered to us in 10-12 parts by the obviously oblivious Hanks on the same network that vomits forth Boardwalk Empire as if it were poetic history.. The realism of this repulsive display of defective historical perspective will be more a kin to Fraggle Rock than a truthful illumination of a watershed event in American history. Yet again the our collective consciousness is victemised to support one of the greatest lies smeared generation after generation on the soul of our nation. The Lone-Nut-Gunman who robbed us all and murdered our leader by luck of the draw.

    Literally dozens of errors in known facts and blatent omissions to bolster the authors conspicuous desire to persistently support and affirm the antique fairytale conclussions propagated by the 1964 Warren Report are evident in thousands of pages academic studies and research by a chorus of credible scholars, and experts in various feilds. These are easily aquired to demonstrate the factually void propeganda of Reclaiming History and yet hanks secures it for a mini-series.

    The vulgar commentary of Hanks and his hollywood henchmen in conjunction with the silence from the media on this outrage prompt me to ask 3 questions :

    1 Will mythology continue to be admitted into evidence on the public record masquerading as historical accuracy without a legitimate harsh critique?

    2 Does prosecuting Charles Manson and profiting from it entitle a lawyer to aquire another small fortune pushing lies to the american public about a national tragedy?

    3 Did Forrest Gump really read the book?

    I guess we'll see in 2013 if HBO follows through with it's crime against reality.


    I sent alot of these handwritten to about 30 publications

    This is from my draft but they pretty much printed it with little changed

    any thoughts? 

    This one is shorter and made its way into a statewide newspaper

    Letter to the Editor: Recycled lies

    Despite the mainstream media’s desire to profit from tragedy and silliness, there is an immoral media silence regarding the truth about the murder of our 35th president spanning nearly half a century during which the media bolstered the official lies first spewed by the 1964 Warren Report.

    Now we have Tom Hanks’ HBO fairy tale production of the Oswald-did-it, you-can-go-back-to-sleep miniseries based on the solipsistic propaganda tome by Vince Bugliosi, “Reclaiming History.”

    I guess there is no surprise that “Forrest Gump” and the former prosecutor who published a best seller (“Helter Skelter”) elevating Charles Manson to iconic anti-hero status would collaborate to reinforce the omission of historical truth regarding the murder of the president who, unlike his successors, had become skeptical of the debacle we call the Vietnam War. (Check out the “Pentagon Papers,” National Security Action Memorandum 263 — all American personnel to be withdrawn from Vietnam by the end of calendar year 1965.)

    Don’t we owe our slain leader better? A refusal to speak out on behalf of the truth is our mass media’s greatest gift to tyrants of the future.

    Charles E. Ochelli

    Forked River

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    The following are comments from the readers. In no way do they represent the view of The Trentonian or


                                                    ONLINE RESPONSE

    " @ Mr.Ochelli
    Lets no leave out Executive Order 11110 which would have returned the US's ability to print and coin it's own currency backed by silver. "

                                                      RESPONSE ONLINE

    " Another case of skewing the facts to fit the propaganda.

    This writer quotes 16 words from National Security Action Memorandum (NSAM)263 and says that proves Kennedy was thinking of ending the war in Vietnam and therefore was assassinated because of it.

    Wow, this has to be the biggest and boldest case of “spinning” the facts ever.

    The whole sentence reads,
    “The President approved the military recommendations contained in Section I B (1-3) of the report, but directed that no formal announcement be made of the implementation of plans to withdraw 1,000 U.S. military personnel by the end of 1963.”

    “Section I B (1-3) of the report,” is referring to a report given at a meeting of the National Security Council on October 2, 1963, (Record of Action No. 2472, Taken at the 519th Meeting of the National Security Council, Washington, October 2, 1963), by Defense Secretary Robert McNamara and General Maxwell Taylor.

    Read the report yourself and you will see that this recommendation of troop withdraw was based on many, many contingencies, including,
    “Major U.S. assistance in support of this military effort is needed only until the insurgency has been suppressed or until the national security forces of the Government of South Viet Nam are capable of suppressing it.”

    Kennedy knew the contingencies for troop withdraws wouldn’t be met easily and therefore ordered this recommendation by McNamara and Taylor not to be made public.

    This writer also conveniently omitted the following from NASM 263,
    “It remains the central object of the United States in South Vietnam to assist the people and Government of that country to win their contest against the externally directed and supported Communist conspiracy. The test of all decisions and U.S. actions in this area should be the effectiveness of their contributions to this purpose.”

    Needless to say none of the Kennedy contingencies for troop withdrawals were met. Conditions in Vietnam actually worsened and Kennedy increased the number of military personnel from the 900 that were there when he became President to 16,000 just before his death.

    Forty-seven years later and some people just cannot let sleeping dogs lie. I still think Col. Mustard did it in the conservatory withe the revolver

    further thoughts?
  • It is odd that CLEARLY years after Vincent's Book has huge loopholes in it, its strange that Tom Hanks ignores that and doesnt try to finetune and or just scrap the idea as planned?

    But that is Hollywood, this thing had legs years ago and as soon as the hype starts, the people in charge dont care what the actual product is, its more "Hey we have a Green Light Project" thats all they care!

    Funny they are walking in with mistakes anyone can see. I am actually excited for it, on one level, it will bring JFK back to the mainstream, its been since 1991-1993 was the peak. NOW was have a second life and its going to be fun to slam them, expose them and maybe SOMEONE in the media will look at other new evidence!

  • true
  • the thing that bothers me is how seriously the Hbo projects are taken a representing reality

    maybe its just because I am in new jersey but the way these lemmings recieve the sopranos is like yeah thats what Italians are like and thats how the Mob realy works .. (

    I just hope this hanks thing is seen fro the puppet show it is

    Retaining Mystery
    Restraining history

    Stupid is as stupid does forrest

    I dread this thing
  • chuck1972chuck1972
    Posts: 128
    This is what Len and Jim were talking about on episode 525a

    I hope that you guys will join me on this because I am sure that if enough volume is reached with some of the more fair-minded publications we will get to plead our case to the less-informed public and might gain some ground in the battle for truth in more widely odserved resources than are currently acknowleged as friendly venues.

  • chuck1972chuck1972
    Posts: 128
    A member of th op-ed staff at the NY Times told me that if they get a dozen or so letters in the space of 2 days on the same subject they consider printing the best of 4 in the grouping but only if it seems a lot of readers have opinions on the same subject ......

    The Ny daily news has a similar editorial process but 2 dozen letters are better off....

    anybody want to join in on the letters idea let me know what days are best for you and we can send a stream of them and get a good peice of these often sourced publications to carry our agreed angles of the assassination of jfk (I am willing to compose on MLK, RFK, Vietnam , or critiques of Barak) but we need to band together ......

    any takers

    e-mail me