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If you get literature from last hurrah
  • If you happen to shop with andy or run into him or his proxy in Dallas he is giving away some of my dvds. just wanted the guys in my only forum for my fav show to know. they were all put together 1 at a time with a zero budget.
  • zcopleyzcopley
    Posts: 204
    author said:

    If you happen to shop with andy or run into him or his proxy in Dallas he is giving away some of my dvds. just wanted the guys in my only forum for my fav show to know. they were all put together 1 at a time with a zero budget.

    Hey Chuck,

    What's on your DVDs?
  • they are called bootleg history
    modled on the bootleg tapes and records of music i found in underground type record shops in the 80's and 90s

    1st one is Jack Ruby
    2nd is Garrison and Shaw Unplugged

    they are extremely and purposely cut together using using rare audio and video that i think capsulizes basic truths i have observed on the given subject combined with a mild unraveling of some of what i figure are the most common and blatent disinformation scripts as well .

    i also try n find a way to throw in some seldom scene stuff from my film , vhs , and dvd collection that i know is seldom seen. like ruby answering wade fair play for cuba .

    By the way ruby is not the only one answering. it almost sounds like bob hauffacker says it with him . I am getting a cleaner audio of that soon but I wold love to know who else in that room just happened to know that odd little tid-bit

    anyway... the dvds i gave to andy are the rough drafts of a series i hope to use to personally attack that hanks crap to distribute to people who don't read. I have also been writting letters to the editor of many newspapers and am actually kinda waring with the usa today with hand written letters trying to anything that prints on paper to listen about that.

    only small local papers have printed me so far but i hope to get more done before 2013

    might seem crazy but The Blind Researcher is opennig the battle with a low-tech blitz just to see what shakes loose

  • zcopleyzcopley
    Posts: 204
    Wow, these sounds pretty interesting. I'd like to see them.

    Now, are you selling these? Or do you plan to give them away. Because if it's the latter it might make sense to put them up on the net so they have wider visibility.
  • i am givin them away at the moment but after the first run is gone i am gonna start accepting donations to find the next installment but i want the first run gone first .

    my free standing dvd recorder (not burner like cpu) went bad and to keep these consistant and utilizing my personal archive of audio , video and stills i have collected over the years i need a new one and i would love to give these away by the thousands but even as cheap as discs are i just can't afford to finance this myself

    i even have some home movies that have not made it to youtube , grodens releases or any documentry i have (and i have more than 100) so far including 4 from the plaza i am not ready to identify yet as 1 is still in 8mm and its not cheap to transfer , 1 that i haven't got permission from the eyewitness yet , a black and white 16mm and vhs transfer that is disputed as to the photographer (long twisted story) , and a copy of the z-film that was aquired from a source that does not fit with any published story about the copys that were originally made ( not garrison bootleg , no splices like life copy , not stable like anything groden touched made before 1968 ) thats gonna require money to work with.

    meanwhile i am trying to sort out how to create a storm of postal delivered paper to rain on the msm. e-mail and other electronic campaigns seem to be covered for the much needed blitz to denounce bugliousi/hanks frankenstein of twisted history.

    personal note : i am working with postal requests only at the moment to make sure the people that get these free rough drafts are motivated beyond a few clicks so i don't get trampled by requests cuz my computer set up is garbage so i actually have friends making them one at a time on the cheap

    i gave the bulk i collected for a month to andy but i have 3 here
    give me an address to send to and i'll drop a set in the mail to you saturday or monday since i gotta go to the post office for yet another roll of stamps

    that virus of a dumbed down printed thing called The USA Today getts at least a handwritten complaint from me everyweek and between the new york , new jersey , national mags and random other press i go through a lot of stamps.

    In correspondance Dr. Remmington said he "admired" my "spunk" with the handwritten campaign. i shoulda told him he wouldn't admire the cramped fingers.