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  • The Vatican/Jesuit Connection

    Hello, guys. This is FightTheSpooks.

    To understand the assassination, one must comprehend the massive context. There does exist a "New World Order", what has been called the "Illuminati". That's clear -- the connections/links between the Freemasons, Skull & Bones, CFR/Bilderberg/Tri-Commission, and other powerful secret societies have been clearly established. I urge people to read books like "Rule By Secrecy" by Jim Marrs.

    There already exists dozens of different theories on who was the prime force behind the assassination. Mafia? CIA? Hoffa? FBI/Hoover? Right-wingers? Russian-and/or-Cuban Communists? Freemasons/Illuminati? Naval Intelligence? Israelis? Portugal? French Intelligence? Anti-Castro Cuban exiles? Dallas PD and/or city officials? Rogues in New Orleans? Texas oilmen/H.L. Hunt?

    My own research has shown me that more than one of these groups were involved in the assassination. Now, I urge one to consider the following points:
    -Evidence connects top officials and agencies, as well as the military, to the assassination conspiracy.
    -The administrations after Johnson's have all covered up the assassination.
    -The mainstream media has, to this day, covered up the assassination and continues to do so.

    Clearly, this is evidence that a hidden force has remained in control of US affairs for a very long time. If there was ever a shift of power, then the assassination conspiracy would have been exposed, as a new force behind the throne would have no motive to cover up the crime.

    Well, we can now safely identify what that hidden force is. We can see it's hidden (and sometimes not-so-hidden) hand throughout history. It is the same hidden force that can be linked to the Crusades, Spanish/Holland Inquisitions, Spanish Armada, Gunpowder Plot, Thirty Years War, French Revolution, founding of the original Illuminati in Bavaria, Lincoln assassination (and other presidential assassinations), Sinking of the Titanic, American Civil war, Founding of the Federal Reserve, Founding of the Bilderberg Group, Persecution of the Serbians, World War I & II, Soviet Russia, Communism, founding of the CIA, FBI, & DIA, Vietnam War, Iraq War, Blackwater, 9-11, and other crimes.

    This hidden force is the [b]Vatican. A historical "timeline" of Vatican/Jesuit wrongdoing can be found here:

    (NOTE: I do not agree with the author's philosophies much at all, but on history, he has good information)

    In this post, I will detail the evidence relating to the frequently-overlooked accusations of Vatican/Roman-Catholic-Church involvement in the Kennedy assassination.



    John F. Kennedy was America's first Roman Catholic President. He was a member of the Roman Catholic equivalent of Freemasonry, the Knights of Columbus. His father, Joseph, was a member of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) or "Knights of Malta", a powerful Vatican military order known as the "Pope's militia".

    What reason would the Vatican elite have to order his assassination?

    The CIA, The Vatican, & JFK


    First, we need to look at Kennedy's relationship with the CIA. Kennedy was no friend of the Agency. From Col. L. Fletcher Prouty, we read:

    Kennedy fired Allen Dulles, the CIA director, and Charles Cabell, the CIA deputy director.

    The CIA was founded by William J. "Wild Bill" Donovan, the chief of the OSS during World War II. Donovan was a devout Roman Catholic, a Knight of Malta, and the recipient of the Grand Cross of the Order of St. Sylvester, one of the most prestigious awards that the Roman Catholic Church will give -- it has been received by less than 100 men in history. Donovan's brother was a Roman Catholic Dominican priest. donovan dominican&f=false

    Then, Allen Dulles (Fired by Kennedy) was appointed it's chief -- Dulles was a Knight of Malta and the uncle of Avery Dulles, a high-level Jesuit priest.

    At the time of the Kennedy assassination, the CIA chief was John A. McCone, a Knight of Malta and an administrator at a Jesuit university.

    CIA Directors William Casey, George Bush, and William Colby were all Knights of Malta. CIA Directors Robert Gates and Leon Panetta were trained by Jesuits. Other top Agency figures, like Counter-Intelligence chief James Angleton and Reinhard Gehlen, were also Knights of Malta.

    Furthermore, former CIA operative Victor Marchetti tells us:

    “It was in such an atmosphere of restiveness and doubt, on a January meeting in 1968, that a small group of former intelligence professionals and several other members of the cult of intelligence met to discuss the role of the CIA in U.S. foreign policy, not at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia but at the Harold Pratt House on Park Avenue — the home of the Council on Foreign Relations.”

    And it is known that Allen Dulles was a director and secretary of the CFR.

    So, what is the force behind the CFR? Jesuit researcher Bill Hughes, author of two important books (The Secret Terrorists and The Enemy Unmasked), states:

    The story of the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, does not begin on that day. It began shortly after World War One. After the war, Jesuit Edward Mandell House and Woodrow Wilson created the League of Nations. When U.S. Senator Henry Cabot Lodge Sr. kept America out of the League. the Jesuits were furious. This must never happen again. So, in 1921, under the influence of House, an organization was formed in the United States called the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

    It's fair to say that the CIA was a mere "arm" of the Vatican power in the US. In fact, Avro Manhattan, the foremost authority on the Vatican in world politics, stated in his book Murder In The Vatican on page 271 that the Vatican is the "prime mover" behind the CIA.

    The Vietnam War: A Papal Crusade


    The true organizers of the Vietnam War can be found in Rome. The Vatican was the prime force behind the war, which was a modern papal crusade.

    Avro Manhattan, the foremost authority on the Vatican in world politics/affairs, states on Page 13 of his book Vietnam: Why Did We Go?:

    The political and military origin of the war of Vietnam has been described with millions of written and spoken words. Yet, nothing has been said about one of the most significant forces which contributed to its promotion, namely, the role played by religion, which in this case, means the part played by the Catholic Church, and by her diplomatic counterpart, the Vatican. Their active participation is not mere speculation. It is an historical fact as concrete as the presence of the U.S., or the massive guerilla resistance of Asian communism. The activities of the last two have been scrutinized by thousands of books, but the former has never been assessed, not even in a summarized form. The Catholic Church must be considered as a main promoter in the origin, escalation and prosecution of the Vietnamese conflict. From the very beginning this religious motivation helped set in motion the avalanche that was to cause endless agonies in the Asiatic and American continents.

    The price paid was immense: thousands of billions of dollars; the mass dislocation of entire populations; political anarchy; military devastation on an unprecedented scale; the disgrace upon the civilized world; the loss of thousands upon thousands of young Asian and American lives. Last but not least, the wounding, mutilation, and death of hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children. The tragedy of Vietnam will go down in history as one of the most pernicious deeds of the contemporary alliance between politics and organized religion.

    Factors of a political, ideological, economic, and military nature played no mean role in the unfolding of the war, but the religion of the Catholic Church was one of its main instigators. From the beginning her role has been minimized when not obliterated altogether. Concrete facts however, cannot be wiped away so easily, and it is these which we shall now scrutinize, even if briefly.

    On Page 3 (In the Foreword), we read:

    Avro Manhattan, world authority on Vatican politics, has blown the cover on the real reason our boys suffered and died in Vietnam. He traces their death to the Vatican’s passionate desire to make Asia Roman Catholic. Vatican agents hatched and plotted the Vietnam War. American soldiers were serving the Vatican in their desperate struggle to survive the jungles, the hell of warfare, pain, death and destruction. It was all engineered by…her Jesuits.

    The Vietnam War was the Vatican's war -- it was a modern Papal crusade that was to "Catholicize" Asia. Another benefit the Jesuits received from the war was profits made off of the far east drug trade. The Jesuits have actually had their hands deep in this for centuries. On Page 117 of Dope, Inc.: The Book that Drove Kissenger Crazy, Executive Intelligence Review, we read:

    Since the original Jesuit mission had established itself in Beijing in 1601, the Society of Jesus [the Jesuits] had held the key to the Far East Trade

    So, the Vietnam War was a modern papal crusade. How does this tie into the Kennedy assassination and highlight a motivation for Vatican involvement?

    Well, from Col. Fletcher Prouty, we read:

    Prouty also states:

    On Nov. 22, 1963, the government of the United States was taken over by the superpower group that wanted an escalation of the warfare in Indochina, and a continuing military buildup for generations to come.

    Now, with the information about the CIA and Avro Manhattan's information about the Vietnam War, we can clearly see the identity of the "superpower group", or at least what controlled it.

    Former CIA operative Robert Morrow tells us on page 249 of his book First Hand Knowledge that immediately after Kennedy's death, the following occurred:

    At 8:30 a.m., Saturday, the 23rd of November, 1963, the limousine carrying CIA director John McCone pulled into the White House grounds…. He was also there to transact one piece of business prior to becoming involved in all the details entailed in a presidential transition — the signing of National Security Memorandum 278, a classified document which immediately reversed John Kennedy’s decision to de-escalate the war in Vietnam. The effect of Memorandum 278 would give the Central Intelligence Agency carte blanche to proceed with a full-scale war in the Far East…. In effect, as of November 23, 1963, the Far East would replace Cuba as the thorn in America’s side. It would also create a whole new source of narcotics for the Mafia’s worldwide markets.

    This small, forgotten event clearly establishes both the motive and force behind the assassination. Prior to any presidential-succession activities, the chief of the CIA, deeply implicated in the execution/cover-up of the assassination, facilitates the reversal of Kennedy's plans to de-escalate the war.

    Based on this event, if there is a single "hidden hand" behind the Vietnam War, CIA, and John McCone, then they are the central force behind the assassination. We've firmly established that the CIA was founded by an agent of the Vatican and continues to be controlled by them, throughout the years. We have also established that the Vietnam War was a Vatican-organized "crusade" to "Catholicize" Asia. I urge you to remember that McCone was a devoutly Roman Catholic member of the Knights of Malta, as well as an administrator at a Jesuit university:

    Kennedy, The Federal Reserve & The Vatican


    Yet another motivation for the assassination was Kennedy's relationship with the Federal Reserve Bank. Marina Oswald, widow of Lee Oswald, stated to Jim Marrs that the Federal Reserve is "the answer" to the JFK assassination. The Kennedy dynasty, according to DeWest Hooker, was planning the destruction of the Federal Reserve, which Joseph Kennedy accurately described as being a "Rothschild-dominated" institution -- but who did the Rothschilds, the force behind the State of Israel and US/British Central Banking, serve? In Encyclopedia Judaica, we read:

    It is a somewhat curious sequel to the attempt to set up a Catholic competitor to the Roths-childs that at the present time the latter are the guardians of the papal treasure.

    So the Rothschilds, controlling the Federal Reserve, are "guardians of the Papal treasure"? Encyclopedia Judaica is telling us that the Rothschilds are financial agents for the Vatican.

    From author F. Tupper Saussy, whose cousin is a Jesuit, we read:

    Aware that the Rothschilds are an important Jewish family, I looked them up in Encyclopedia Judaica and discovered that they bear the title ‘Guardians of the Vatican Treasury’…. The appointment of Rothschild gave the black papacy absolute financial privacy and secrecy. Who would ever search a family of orthodox Jews for the key to the wealth of the Roman Catholic Church?
    F. Tupper Saussy, Rulers of Evil, page 160

    And from Vatican/Jesuit researcher Bill Hughes, we read:

    The Rothschilds were Jesuits who used their Jewish background as a facade to cover their sinister activities.

    As documented in photographs/portraits posted on GodLikeProductions, a number of important Rothschilds wore the insignia of the Knights of Malta:

    So, the Federal Reserve, opposed by Kennedy, was controlled by a family of Vatican/Jesuit agents. The Fed had been established by agents of the Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Morgan empires. In banking, the Rothschilds were the prime force among these three. Freemason Morgan was called "the Jesuit General's Vatican Banker" by Jesuit researcher/historian Eric Phelps. Morgan died in Rome.

    Would the Vatican/Jesuits kill for the Federal Reserve? They would and they have.

    Sinking Of The Titanic -- What Rome Will Do For The Fed


    I urge the serious researcher to read the true background/facts of the sinking of the Titanic:

    The captain was a Jesuit agent who worked for JP Morgan. He deliberately sunk the ship, killing himself and many others on board. Despite being a very experienced captain, he repeatedly refused to turn the ship around or slow down.

    On board the ship was Francis M. Browne, a high-ranking Jesuit priest. Browne took photographs of the passengers (future victims) and then departed the ship on the last stop before the sinking. It is now known that he received an inexplicable warning from his Jesuit superior to disembark: "GET OFF THAT SHIP -- PROVINCIAL".

    Eric Phelps writes on page 427 of Vatican Assassins:
    Here is Jesuit treachery at its finest. The Provincial [Father Francis Browne] boards Titanic, photographs the victims, most assuredly briefs the Captain concerning his oath as a Jesuit, and the following morning bids him farewell.

    And in the National Geographic's 1986 video Secrets Of The Titanic, it is stated that:
    A vacationing priest, Father Francis Browne, caught these poignant snapshots of his fellow passengers, most of them on a voyage to eternity. The next day Titanic made her last stop off the coast of Queenstown, Ireland. Here tenders brought out the last passengers; mostly Irish immigrants headed for new homes in America. And here, the lucky Father Browne disembarked.... Father Browne caught Captain Smith peering down from Titanic’s bridge, poised on the brink of destiny.

    Why didn't they mention that Browne was a Jesuit or that his lucky disembarking was the result of a warning he received from his Jesuit superior?

    Well, the narrator of Secrets Of The Titanic is Martin Sheen, a devout Roman Catholic who starred as a Roman Catholic priest in the pro-Vatican/Jesuit propaganda film The Conflict. Martin Sheen personally met and shook hands with Pope John Paul II.

    The director of Secrets Of The Titanic is Bob Ballard, who claims to be the first to discover the Titanic wreckage. Ballard, a former US Navy Commander, has close ties to both the higher echelons of the US Military and the US Military-Industrial Complex. Interestingly, there is evidence that a rival team found the Titanic before Ballard did. If this is true, then perhaps it is how the Jesuits/Vatican control Ballard -- he gets recognition/fame/respect for being "the first to discover the wreckage" while knowing that if he refuses to serve the Jesuits/Vatican, he will be exposed in the CFR-controlled press as a fraud.


    So, when President John F. Kennedy did the following things, the Vatican/Jesuits, being the central force in global affairs for centuries and having assassinated presidents in the past (The most provable case being the assassination of anti-Jesuit, anti-CentralBank Abraham Lincoln), were extremely compelled to remove him from office:

    1. Became an enemy of the CIA, the Jesuits' key intelligence/enforcement "arm" in America.
    2. Attempting to de-escalate crucial US involvement in the Vatican's attempt to "Catholicize" Asia.
    3. Became an enemy of the Federal Reserve Bank, the Jesuits' key financial "arm" in America.

    Next, we'll start looking at the direct evidence of connections between the assassination and the Vatican/Jesuit "octopus".

  • Oswald's Jesuit Connection

    An interesting angle is presented by the Lee Oswald involvement. His cousin is reported to be a Jesuit priest. And it is a matter of record that Lee Oswald was invited to address the Jesuit college in Springhill, Alabama, on the subject of his activities, two weeks before the Kennedy Assassination. The Jesuit involvement closely parallels that in the Lincoln Assassination.
    -Emmanuel Josephson, The Federal Reserve Conspiracy and the Rockefellers [1968]



    During OSWALD'S period of intense activity on behalf of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, OSWALD lectured at the Jesuit House of Studies in Mobile, Alabama on July 27, 1963, at the request of his cousin, Eugene Murret, who was studying there. From 1969 to 1971 Eugene Murret was Executive Counsel to Louisiana Governor McKeithen. By 1977 he was Chief Administrator of the Louisiana Judicial System. [WR p728; tel. con. with E. Murret 1.77] He was contacted in 1993 but declined comment. OSWALD's speech:

    "The Commumist Party of the United States has betrayed itself! It has turned itself into the traditional lever of a foreign power to overthrow the Government of the United States; not in the name of freedom of high ideals, but in the servile conformity to the wishes of the Soviet Union and in anticipation of Soviet Russia's complete domination of the American Continent."

    "The Forster's and the Flynn's of the subsidized communist party of the United States have shown themselves to be willing, gullible messengers of the Kremlin's International-List Propaganda.

    "There can be no international solidarity with the arch-betrayers of that most sublime ideal.

    "There can be no sympathy for those who have turned the idea of communism into a vill curse for western man.

    "The Soviets have committed crimes unsurpassed by their early day capitalist counterparts. The imprisonment of their own peoples, with the mass extermination so typical of Stalin

    "The individual suppression and regimentation under Khrushchev.

    "The deportations, the purposefull curtailment of diet in the consumer slighted population of russia, the murder of history, the prostitution of art and culture.

    "The communist movement in the U.S., personalized by the Communist Party U.S.A. has turned itself into a 'valuble gold coin' of the Kremlin. It has failed to denounce any actions of the Soviet Government when similar actions on the part of the U.S. Government bring pious protest.

    Denounced Not Denounced

    United States Russia

    Atom. Bomb Test Atom Bomb Test

    Cuba Hungry

    NATO Manuvers Warsaw Pact Manuvers

    U-2 Sobel

    Congo Eastern Germany

    Negro Lynching Genocide

    "Through the refusal of the Communist Party U.S.A. to give a clear cut condemnation of Soviet piratical acts, progressives have been weakened into a stale class of fifth columnist of the Russians.

    "In order to free the hesitating and justifiably uncertain future activist for the work ahead we must remove that obstacle which has so efficently retarded him, namely the devotion of Communist Party, U.S.A. to the Soviet Union, Soviet Government, and Soviet Communist International Movement.

    "It is readily foreseeable that a coming economic, political and military crisis, internal or external, will bring about the final destrution of the Capitalist system, assuming this, we can see how preparation in a special party could safeguard an independent course of action after the debacle, an American course steadfastly opposed to intervention by outside, relatively stable foreign powers, no matter from where they come, but in particular, and if necessary, violently opposed to Soviet intervention.

    "No Party of this type can attract into its ranks more than a nominal number of Fundemental radicals.

    "It is not the nature of such an organization to attract such a membership, as lets say, the Republicans or even the Socialist Party, but it is possible to enlist the aid of disenchanted members of the Socialist Party and even some from more "respected" (from a capitalist viewpoint) parties.

    "But whereas our political enemies talk loudly now, they have no concept of what total crisis means.

    "The faction which has the greater basis in spirit and the most far-sighted and ready membership of the radical futurist, will be the decisive factor.

    "We have no interest in violently opposing the United States Government, why should we manifest opposition when there are far greater forces at work, to bring about the fall of the United States Government, than we could ever possibly muster.

    "We do not have any interest in directly assuming the head of government in the event of such an all-finishing crisis. As dissentent Americans we are merely interested in opposing foreign intervention which is a easily drawn conclusion if one believes in the theory of crisis.

    "The emplacement of a separate, democratic pure Communist sociaty is our goal, but one with Union-communes, democratic socializing of production and without regard to the apart of Marxist Communism by other powers.

    "The right of the private personal property, religious tolerance and Freedom of Travel (which have all been violated under Russian "Communist" rule) must be strictly observed.

    "Resoufuyllniss and patient working towards the aforesaid goal's are preferred rather than loud and useless manifestations of protest. Silent observance of our priciples is of primary importance.

    "But these preferred tactics now, may prove to be too limited in the near future, they should not be confussed with slowness, indesision or fear, only the intellectually fearless could even be remotely attracted too our doctrine and yet this doctrine requires the utmost restraint, a state of being in itself majustic in power.

    "This is stoicism and yet stoicism has not been effected for many years, and never for such a purpose.

    "There are organization already formed in the United States who have declared they shall become effective only after the military debacle of the United States. Organizations such as Minutemen or the opposite of a stoical organization but these performers are simply preparing to redefend in their own back yards a system which they take for granted will be defeated militarily elsewhere, a strange thing to hear from "Patriots."

    "These armed groups represent the hard core of American capitalist supporters. There will also be a small armed Communist and probably Fascist groups. There will also be anarchist and religious groups at work.

    "However, the bulk of the population will not adhere to any of these groups because they will not be inclined to join any of the old factions with which we are all so familiar.

    "But the people will never except a new order presented by presented by politicians or opportunist. Logically they will deem it necessary to oppose those system of government against whom they have been educated, but they will be against anything resembling their former Capitalist master also.

    "Steadfastly opposed to the reviveal of the old forces, the will seek a new fore. This will be the sentiment of the masses.

    "But any organization clearly manipulating words may sway the masses.

    "This is where a safeguard is necessary. And not only a safe guard but a safetly valve, to shut off opportunist forces from within, and foreign powers from without. There can be no subsitute for organization and procurement work towards the aforestated ideals and goals. Work is the key to the future door, but failure to apply that key because of possible armed opposition in our hypothetical, but very probable crisis, is as useless as trying to use force now to knock down the door.

    "Armed defense of our ideals must be accepted doctrine after the crisis just as refraining from any demonstration of force must be our doctrine in the meantime.

    "No man, having known, having lived, under the Russian Communist and American Capitalist system, could possibly make a choice between them, there is no choice. One offers oppression, the other poverty. Both offer imperialistic injustice, tinted with two brands of slavery.

    "But no rational man can take the attitude of "a curse on both your houses". There are two world systems, one twisted beyond recognition by its misuse, the other decadent and dying in tis final evolution.

    "A truely democratic system would combine the better qualities of the two upon an American Foundation opposed to both world systems as they are now. This than is our ideal.

    "Membership in this organization implies adherence to the principle of simple distribution of information about this movement to others and acceptance of the idea of stoical readiness in regards to practical measures once instituted in the crisis.

    "In another version of this speech OSWALD stated: "a symbol of the American way, our liberal concisons, is the existence in our midst of a minority group whose influence and membership is very limited and whose dangerous tendencies are sufficently controlled by special government agencies. The Communist Party, U.S.A., bears little resemblance to their Russian counterparts, but by allowing them to operate and even supporting their right to speak, we maintain a tremendous sign of our strength and liberalism. Harasment of their party newspapers, their leaders, and advocates, is treachery to our basic principles of freedom of speech and press. Their views, no matter how misguided, no matter how much the Russians take advantage of them, must be allowed to be aired. after all communist [Party] U.S.A. have existed for 40 years and they are still a pitiful group of radicals.

    "Our two conoutries have too much too offer to each other to be tearing at each other's throats in an endless cold war. Both are conoutries have major short comings and advantages. But only in ours is the voice of dissent all allowed opportunity of expression, in returning to the U.S., I hope I have awoken a few who were sleeping, and other who are indifferent. I have done a lot of critizing of our system I hope you will take it in the spirit it was given. In going to Russia I followed the old priciple "Thou shalt seek the truth, and the Truth shall make you free." In returning to the U.S. I have done nothing more or less than select the lesser of two evils."


    Eugene Murret testified before the HSCA. He recalled that OSWALD'S speech dealt with his "Marxist philosophy, the communist philosophy, since he, I think, was sympathetic to that viewpoint." A student at the Seminary reported that OSWALD said that the Russian peasants "were very poor, often close to each hut there was a radio speaker, even in huts where there was no running water or electricity. The speaker was attached to a cord that ran back to a common receiver. Thus, the inhabitants of the hut could never change stations or turn off the radio. They had to listen to everything that came through it, day or night."


    OSWALD denounced the Communist Party in his speech to the Jesuits as a tool of Soviet imperialism, yet he subscribed to The Worker, the organ of the Communist Party of the United States, and two months later, he offered his services to the Communist Party. He attacked Soviet Communism at the same time he applied for a Soviet visa. OSWALD wrote that he hated "the USSR and the socialist system." [WR 397-400, 712] He called the Communist Party of the United States "subsidized," "messenger of the Kremlin's Internationalist propaganda," "fifth columnist of the Russians," and "arch betrayers." He called the Soviets: "criminals" guilty of "mass extermination" "supression" "murderers of history." OSWALD'S ideal activist had to throw off the shackles of Soviet Communism.

    OSWALD'S activist would emerge after a economic crisis, just as Hitler did in Nazi Germany, and become part of a "special party" of those "violently opposed to Soviet intervention." OSWALD was willing to enlist disenchanted members of the Socialist Party. The National Socialist Party in Germany attracted many former Socialists. OSWALD cited the Minutemen as a group that would be active after the "military debacle of the United States." OSWALD portrayed the Minutemen as "redefending their own backyards," a noble purpose. OSWALD wrote: "This is where a safeguard is necessary. And not only a safe guard but a safetly valve, to shut off opportunist forces from within, and foreign powers from without. There can be no subsitute for organization and procurement work towards the aforestated ideals and goals." Was OSWALD proposing to shut off the lives of members of the Communist Party after his revolution? Was that why it was necessary to penetrate the Communist Party and procure membership information? Essentially, OSWALD was proposing the formation of death squad, similar to OPERATION 40, to take out CP members during a time of crisis since they were agents of a foreign power. This group would remain underground - "stoic" - until the crisis came. The "practical measures" OSWALD made reference to was assassinations. This translated to "The only good Communist is a dead Communist." In another version of this speech, he said Americans should be tolerant of the views of American Communists.

    OSWALD'S politics made little sense. OSWALD said he was alarmed about Soviet "domination of the American continent," yet he supported Fidel Castro's Cuba, which had been widely regarded as Moscow's "stepping stone" to the American continent since 1961. OSWALD was aware of the close relationship between Russia and Cuba and, in an anti-Communist essay, had described Cuba as a "fellow traveler" of the Soviet Union. OSWALD wrote: "The third part is filled with foreign news items. Often covered and credited to A.P. or Reuters news agencies, they usually concern strikes and clashes with police, crime and race incidents in capitalist countries as well as other "News" slanted to give a bad (illegible) about all countries except those who are members of the Socialist camp or their fellow travelers such as Cuba who are painted as properous democracies fighting against imperialism from without and and capitalist says and agents from within." [HSCA V8 p362; WCE 92] OSWALD attempted to explain this contradiction when he appeared on radio in New Orleans in August 1963: "Castro is an independent leader of an independent country. He has ties with the Soviet Union, with the eastern cannot point at Castro and say he is a Russian puppet."

    OSWALD mentioned Cuba only once in his speech. This made no sense in light of his intensive Fair Play for Cuba activity at the time. In one version of this speech OSWALD wrote "In returning to the U.S. I have done nothing more or less than select the lesser of two evils." In another version of the same speech he wrote, "No man, having known, having lived, under the Russian Communist and American Capitalist system, could possibly make a choice between them, there is no choice. One offers oppression, the other poverty. Both offer imperialistic injustice, tinted with two brands of slavery." OSWALD wrote: "But no rational man can take the attitude of "a curse on both your houses". There are two world systems, one twisted beyond recognition by its misuse, the other decadent and dying in tis final evolution." Earlier he wrote: " is imature to take the sort of attitude which says "a curse on both your houses!" their are two great represative of power in the world, simply expressed, the left and the right, and their offspring factions and concers."

    On July 30, 1963, OSWALD borrowed The Hittite by Noel Gerson. Other books by Gerson included Kit Carson, The Folk Hero and the Man. Gerson wrote was reprinted in Reader's Digest. OSWALD borrowed the science fiction book Mind Partner edited by H.L. Gould. He returned these on August 13, 1963. On July 31, 1963, he borrowed Everyday Life in Ancient Rome by F.R. Cowell, who was a very serious scholar. He returned this book on August 14, 1963.

    On Page 223 of Rise Of The Fourth Reich by Jim Marrs, we read:

    Oswald’s own connections to the CIA are well documented—his
    training at Japan’s Atsugi base, which housed a large CIA facility, his
    incredible ability to speak fluent Russian despite lack of evidence of language
    lessons, testimony of his CIA employment by fellow marines and a
    former CIA paymaster, his ease in obtaining U.S. passports, his use of the
    word “microdots” in his diary, and his possession of a miniature Minox
    “spy” camera with a serial number proving it was not commercially available
    in America.

    Who was the head of the CIA at this time?
    Allen W. Dulles -- Knight of Malta, CFR member, Uncle of a Jesuit priest.

    And who were the heads of the CIA's counter-intelligence/espionage activities against the Soviets?
    James J. Angleton -- Knight of Malta, Head of the CIA's "Vatican Desk"
    Reinhard Gehlen -- Knight of Malta, Intelligence Chief for Roman Catholic-controlled Nazi Germany

    And from Page 261-262 of Jim Garrison's On The Trail Of The Assassins:

    A man of high integrity and repute, Carr had told the Warren Commission in a secret session of January 22, 1964, that evidence he had acquired from Allan Sweatt, the chief of the criminal division of the Dallas Sheriff's office, indicated that Lee Oswald had been an undercover informant. More specifically, Oswald had been employed by the FBI as confidential agent number 179 at a salary of $200 a month, beginning more than a year prior to and continuing up to the very day of the murder of President Kennedy.

    Who Was The Head Of The FBI At The Time?
    J. Edgar Hoover -- Knight of Malta, Preferred Irish Roman Catholics, Recruited from Jesuit institutions
    Cartha DeLoach -- Knight of Malta

    Who Was The Chief Of FBI Intelligence/Counter-Intelligene?
    William C. Sullivan -- Recipient of a Jesuit honorary degree (Boston College)
  • CIA Involvement

    "At the beginning of the investigation I had only a hunch that the federal intelligence community had somehow been involved in the assassination, but I did not know which branch or branches. As time passed and more leads turned up, however, the evidence began pointing more and more to the C.I.A."
    -Jim Garrison, Former District Attorney of New Orleans, Page 204 of On The Trail Of The Assassins


    I urge serious researchers to read A Farewell To Justice by Joan Mellen -- they will realize that the CIA is not simply linked to the assassination through Oswald or through Novel or through Ferrie. Under virtually every assassination-conspiracy stone, there is a connection to the Agency.

    As this quote demonstrated earlier, Oswald was a CIA operative:

    "Oswald’s own connections to the CIA are well documented—his
    training at Japan’s Atsugi base, which housed a large CIA facility, his
    incredible ability to speak fl uent Russian despite lack of evidence of language
    lessons, testimony of his CIA employment by fellow marines and a
    former CIA paymaster, his ease in obtaining U.S. passports, his use of the
    word “microdots” in his diary, and his possession of a miniature Minox
    “spy” camera with a serial number proving it was not commercially available
    in America."

    Oswald was handled/set-up by a great number of CIA operatives:

    -His CAP captain and "friend"/handler, David Ferrie, worked for US Intelligence and flew missions for the CIA. He was revealed by CIA whistleblower Victor Marchetti as a contract CIA operative. Many witnesses link Ferrie directly to the assassination conspiracy.

    -His supervisor Guy Banister, whose office was near the city's CIA office, worked with the CIA and was involved in their Cuban training activities. Banister was the one directing Oswald's activities in New Orleans. He was also behind the company that the "double Oswald" represented in the Bolton-Ford Incident. The address Oswald stamped on his pro-Castro leaflets was "544 Camp St." -- this was the side entrance to Banister's office.

    -The owner of his New Orleans employer (Reily Coffee), William Reily, was a long-time CIA operative.

    -Clay L. Shaw helped to "handle"/set-up Oswald and was involved in the planning of the assassination. Shaw, who used many aliases (The most commonly known one being "Clay/Clem Bertrand"), was a director of Permindex and Centro Mondiale Commerciale, both of which had strong connections to the CIA and were attacked by the Italian press as CIA fronts. He was the managing director of the New Orleans International Trade Mart, which was a CIA front itself. He had a long intelligence career, both in the OSS and the CIA. It is now documented that he was a CIA contact. Crisman.htm

    -Carlos Bringuier was the Anti-Castro Cuban who headed DRE, a CIA front operation. He knew Oswald and staged a scuffle with him on the streets, then participated in a radio debate about Communism with him -- the radio debate was moderated by one of the CIA's media assets, Bill Stuckley. Now we know that Oswald wrote to a Fair Play for Cuba representative about the scuffle days before it happened, and that intelligence operatives were on-the-scene taking pictures.

    -Frank Sturgis, E. Howard Hunt, Gerry Patrick Hemming, and other CIA contract operatives were alleged by CIA whistleblower Marita Lorenz to have traveled to Dallas the night before the assassination. Mark Lane established Hunt's presence in Dallas on the day of the assassination -- during the trial, Hunt told a series of provable lies and CIA-arranged witnesses were propped up to defend his alibi.

    -Oswald's best friend, George De Mohrenschildt, furnished reports to the CIA during the Bay of Pigs and belonged to two CIA front organizations. He had meetings with Dallas CIA man J. Walton Moore of the Domestic Contact Service.

    -Ruth Paine told Oswald about the job at the Texas School Book Depository and got him an interview. She drove Marina Oswald to Dallas and made them at home. She provided a garage for Oswald's possessions and it was where the fake "Backyard" photos were found. Paine's sister worked for the CIA, and both her father and brother-in-law worked for USAID, with her father filing reports in Latin America that went onto the CIA. Her husband was a cousin of two former top-ranking United Fruit (CIA) officials -- one a former President and the other a former director. One of these cousins was also a trustee of Cabot, Cabot, and Forbes, which has close ties to the defense industry. Her husband also did classified work for Bell Helicopter directly under Walter Dornberger, one of the Nazis that the CIA/Vatican saved from persecution in Operation Paperclip. Finally, Ruth Paine's mother was a lifelong friend of Mary Bancroft, the mistress of Allen Dulles. The Paines had cabinets full of files on left-wing activists, suggesting that they were involved in CIA-or-FBI domestic surveillance.

    -Earle Cabell, the mayor of Dallas at the time of the assassination, was the brother of Charles Cabell, the Deputy CIA chief who was fired by Kennedy.

    -George H.W Bush, a CIA operative and businessman involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion, was caught in photographs of Dallas after the assassination, despite the fact that he would later deny being CIA. Bush called the FBI on the day of the assassination to report that a right-winger named James Parrot had talked of killing President Kennedy -- despite the dramatic nature of such a phone call, Bush claims not to remember it. Bush was also a close associate of E. Howard Hunt and his father was connected to Allen Dulles quite closely.

    -David Morales, an important CIA operative and top assassin (Who worked closely with alleged JFK assassin Johnny Roselli), described by E. Howard Hunt as a "cold blooded killer", admitted to his friends that he was in Dallas when "we" (CIA) assassinated "the son of a bitch" (JFK) and that he was in Los Angeles when "we" (CIA) assassinated "the little bastard" (RFK). Many believe he organized the JFK assassination.

    -David Atlee Phillips was the leader of a right-wing, Kennedy-hating "sect" within the CIA that had been involved in assassinating/overthrowing foreign "unfriendly" leaders. Antonio Veciana knew a CIA man code-named "Maurice Bishop" who was involved in anti-Communist activities, who hated Kennedy, and who he had seen in Dallas with Oswald in August 1963. The drawings of "Bishop" matched Phillips closely, and former CIA operatives, as well as a declassified NARA document, confirm that "Bishop" was Phillips. Phillips admitted to his family on his deathbed that he was in Dallas when Kennedy was killed. Phillips, the head of the CIA's Mexico City Station at the time when the CIA in Mexico City were working to frame Oswald as a Communist, committed perjury to the HSCA when he said that the tapes of "Oswald's" phone conversations were destroyed in October. David Atlee Phillips was also the head of infiltration into the Fair Play For Cuba Committee, the group Oswald identified with when acting as a pro-Castro provocateur for Banister in New Orleans.

    -George Joannides was the CIA supervisor/financier behind the DRE, which staged the Bringuier-Oswald "scuffle" and subsequent radio interview (Designed to establish Oswald as a Communist activist). Joannides would have been the supervisor/mastermind of an operation such as this. Joannides also took a number of mysterious trips to New Orleans at interesting times.

    -Kerry Thornley, the US Marine who had served with Oswald and told the Warren Commission that he was a Marxist, was a CIA operative who was trained in chemical/biological warfare in Washington, D.C.

    -Ferenc Nagy, a Dallas resident and the director of Centro Mondiale Commerciale alongside Shaw, was a CIA operative working under Frank Wisner.

    -The "three tramps" have been identified by some as E. Howard Hunt (CIA Assassin), Frank Sturgis (CIA Contract Agent), and David Lemar Christ (CIA Operative). Others identify them as Charles Harrelson, Charles Rogers (CIA Operative), and Chauncey Holt (CIA Contract Operative).

    -Itek, which attempted to make the issue of a Knoll figure in the Nix film "disappear", has close ties to the CIA.

    -CIA Whistleblower Robert Morrow revealed that there was deep CIA involvement in the JFK assassination.

    The CIA certainly appears to have been the group primarily responsible for "handling" Oswald and the execution of the assassination itself.


    During World War II, the key American intelligence agency was the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) which worked against the Axis. The OSS was headed by William J. Donovan, a devoutly Roman Catholic member of the Knights of Malta and the recipient of the prestigious Grand Cross of the Order of St. Sylvester, one of the highest awards given by the Vatican. Donovan's brother was a Roman Catholic priest of the Dominican Order. Many top OSS officials had strong ties to the Jesuits/Vatican. donovan dominican&f=false

    Donovan, who was clearly a loyal agent to the Vatican, was the founder of the successor to the OSS -- the CIA. It was signed into law by Harry Truman, the high Freemason and CFR member who had been put in power by the Jesuits. He would later call it the "American Gestapo".

    The first director of the CIA was military "lifer" Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter. He was involved in military/intelligence activity in Vichy, France during World War II and would later join MJ-12, an elite "shadow-government" controlled by the Jesuits through their "coadjutors" (Infiltrators/Helpers/Subordinates).

    The second director of the CIA was Walter Bedell Smith -- Smith was a close friend of Knight of Malta Prince Bernhard (A former SS officer) and a co-founder, with Bernhard and a Polish Jesuit priest (Joseph Retinger), of the Bilderberg Group, a notorious organization aimed at furthering the interests of Rome and her Jesuits.

    The third director was the notorious Allen W. Dulles, who had served as a top-ranking OSS officer in Switzerland during WWII. Dulles was a Knight of Malta and the nephew of Avery Dulles, a high-ranking Jesuit priest. He was also a Freemason and Director, then Secretary of the Jesuit/Vatican's Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The Dulles brothers were, as revealed by Avro Manhattan, directly connected to Francis Spellman, the Archbishop of New York.

    These were the CIA directors leading up to the Kennedy assassination.

    The Vatican's man, Allen Dulles, was in place to head their Bay Of Pigs Invasion in 1961. The training for the invasion was done on plantations owned by Robert Alejos Arzu, the co-chairman of the Honduran branch of the Knights of Malta.

    It was under Dulles that the CIA's core formed. And it did so by "merging" with a great number of people who weren't American, but German. Operation Paperclip saved Nazi war criminals from persecution and integrated hundreds of them into the CIA. This operation, headed by Knight of Malta, Spellman associate, & Uncle-of-a-Jesuit Dulles, was financed by the American President of the Knights of Malta, J. Peter Grace. The Vatican was directly involved, providing safe passage for the Nazi war criminals. The most powerful Paperclip Nazi was Reinhard Gehlen, whose organization would play a key role in working with the CIA against communists. Gehlen was a Knight of Malta.

    So, the CIA was founded by a Vatican agent and formally established by a CFR President who had been put into power by the Jesuits. It was then headed by Vatican agent Allen Dulles (Knight of Malta) who, along with the Vatican, organized for hundreds of surviving war criminals from the Roman Catholic, Jesuit-controlled Nazi Germany, led by a Vatican Agent (Knight of Malta Gehlen). Dulles and his CIA launch an invasion of Cuba, with the guerillas having been trained on grounds provided by the co-chief of the Honduran Knights of Malta. As a result of this, Dulles is fired and replaced by John A. McCone.


    Now, what were McCone's connections? Well, he was a Vatican agent. NNDB lists him as:

        Administrator: Regent, Loyola University Los Angeles
        CIA Director (1961-65)
        US Atomic Energy Commission Chairman (1958-60)
        US Defense Department Under Secretary, USAF (1950-51)
        Knights of Malta
        Los Angeles World Affairs Council Co-Founder
        Phi Kappa Sigma
        SRI International Board of Directors
        Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society
        Member of the Board of ITT

    The Irish Roman Catholic John McCone was a Knight of Malta and an administrator at Loyola University, a Jesuit institution. He was the co-founder of the Los Angeles branch of the World Affairs Council, a front operation for the Jesuit/Vatican CFR.

    The Vatican's John McCone was the overseer of CIA activities at that time, including the assassination-related activities/actions of every CIA figure linked to the assassination, including the ones above.

    In control of CIA Counter-Intelligence was, at this time, James J. Angleton -- a Knight of Malta and head of the CIA's "Vatican Desk".

    It is not hard to see why Avro Manhattan stated that the Vatican is/was the "prime mover" of the CIA.
    [Avro Manhattan, Murder in the Vatican, Ozark Books, pp. 35, 36.]

    Next, let us look at the FBI.