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U.S. Rep. Allard Lowenstein (D-NY)
  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444

    Brodie wrote:Couple of personal memories re the RFK case:

    1. Ca 1976 or so I saw Rep Allard Lowenstein
    give a talk about the case and the evidence he'd gathered suggesting
    conspiracy, one evening at a UCLA Law School lecture hall, introduced by
    actor Robert Vaughn.
    One or two other celebs were in attendance but this rather lightly
    pubbed event resulted in a rather disappointing turnout, maybe fifty of a
    hundred seats filled. No electronic or other media were in attendance
    either - - from what I recall -- at this open to the public lecture. It
    did get me interested in the case though...
  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    Paul Rigby wrote:Allard Lowenstein
    was a one term Congressmen Carpetbagging Long Island, originally from
    NYC. His real role, however was as a ubiquitious left-liberal in nearly
    all of the protest movements of the 1960s. He was often described as a
    pied piper of students younger than himself during the civil rights
    movement and the later anti-war movement. He was CIA, and played a
    classic gatekeeping function, trying always to keep the protests from
    drifting FURTHER left in a way that could embarass the US
    internationally. Stragely or obviously enough one of his good friends
    was Fank Carlucci, whom he crossed paths with frequently like in
    Portugal 1974.

    He was an important player in the "transition of
    support??" from Gene McCarthy to RFK in 1968?????? oder??? Then in the
    late 1970s he began to investigate the RFK assassination. Then in 1980
    he was murdered by a former friend in the civil rights movement who
    heard implants in his teath murmering non-biblical commandments.:call2:

    Im like OK what was really goin on here?


    Factional, Nat, one CIA clan whacking an outrider for a rival?

    Which reminds me, has anyone produced a serious study of the CIA's various factions and tribes?
  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    Nathaniel Heidenheimer
    Was his murder unrelated to the fact that he was investigating the RFK assassination?

    Paul as per the factions, would the Angleton - Colby feud be a the top of a chain or a little lower?
  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    streeb wrote:dude, the Coen bros, adapted
    No Country for Old Men from a book by Cormac McCarthy, so strictly
    speaking, it's McCarthy who's keyword hijacking here...

    Which may be the case if the hypothesis floated in this thread at Spartacus holds any validity.

    In any case it's an interesting discussion that began 4 years ago about Eugene McCarthy...

    CIA backed Eugene McCarthy in '68 v. RFK
    “A Tale of Two Doves,” JFK Assassination Forum, No.7, (April 1975), p.2:

    a dove of more conservative cast, Gene McCarthy, decided to oppose
    Johnson for the nomination, the CIA promptly infiltrated his campaign.

    Names to conjure with: Allard Lowenstein,
    Curtis Gans and Sam Brown. Ostensibly these men were concerned with
    ‘containing’ the student anti-war movement. The motto of McCarthy’s
    student supporters was ‘Keep clean for Gene’ – none of your Hoffmans or
    Rubins, please.

    In early 1968, when McCarthy’s campaign seemed
    dangerously short of funds, help was forthcoming from West Coast
    industrialist Sam Kimball, chairman of Aerojet-General Corp. whose
    representative in Washington was Admiral Raborn, a former CIA chief.

    Robert Kennedy…entered the nomination stakes, two more ‘former’ CIA
    men, Thomas Finney and Thomas McCoy joined McCarthy’s campaign. (For
    fuller information, see Private Eye 169.)”

    According to Time (“The Nonconsensus,” Friday, Jul. 05, 1968 – see this link: ... 95,00.html ),Thomas Finney was “the Senator's organization chief.”

    In 1980, William Blum notes, good old Gene, the eternal splitter of the anti-Republican vote, backed Reagan:

    Continues today with correlations to the "Arab Spring."
  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    Mind Control & Timothy McVeigh's Rise from "Robotic" Soldier to Mad Bomber

    By Alex Constantine

    ...No Programmed Killer's Hall-of-Fame would be complete without a bust of Dennis Sweeney, the student activist who murdered Allard Lowenstein,
    the famed civil rights and anti-war activist. Lowenstein was suspected
    by many of fronting for the CIA. A Yale graduate, he marched in the
    Freedom Summer of 1964 in Mississippi, campaigned for Adlai Stevenson
    and Robert Kennedy. Yet he was a close friend of William F. Buckley, the
    garrulous CIA asset and Lowenstein's conservative counterpart. He
    qualified for the Nixon enemy list, but associated with the coalition of
    felons occupying the White House. He ran the National Student
    Association before the CIA took over.

    For several years,
    Lowenstein attempted to prove that a conspiracy was responsible for the
    deaths of John Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. and was also
    responsible for his own political downfall ... a malevolent force that
    would explain the civil rights movement's decline. Sweeney, who had
    protested with Lowenstein in Mississippi, shot his tumultuous mentor
    seven times at Rockefeller Center. The assassin remained calm and did
    not flee.

    He maintained that the CIA, with Lowenstein's help, had
    implanted him with a telemetric brain device fifteen years earlier, and
    made his life an unbearable torment. Voices were transmitted through
    his dental work, he said, and he attempted to silence them by filing his
    false teeth. Sweeney blamed remote "controllers" for the assassination
    of San Francisco mayor George Moscone.

    The murders of Moscone and City Supervisor Harvey Milk
    had all the earmarks of mind control. Dan White, their assassin, had
    been a paratrooper in the 173rd Airborne Division, in which capacity he
    served in Vietnam. He was discharged from Fort Bragg in 1967, returned
    to San Francisco and joined the police department. He lived in
    Sausalito, drove a Porsche and generally lived far beyond his means. In
    1972 he gave it all up and took a vacation since known as White's
    "missing year." ...
  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    Great show last night with the main theme being a tribute to Allard Lowenstein...

    Show #824

    Original airdate: March 2, 2017

    Guests: Paul Schrade / Lisa Pease / Jim DiEugenio

    Topics: RFK Assassination Research

    Play Paul Schrade   (58:14)  
    MP3 download 

    Reopening the R.F.K. Investigation: (Schrade/Lowenstein 1973)
    Paul was an officer in the United Auto Workers union
    He became Labor Chair in the RFK Presidential campaign
    He was with RFK at his victory speech the night of the California primary
    Senator Kennedy spoke to Paul as they entered the Ambassador Hotel pantry
    Paul was about six feet behind RFK as Sirhan fired two shots
    The first shot went wild, the second shot hit Paul
    Rep. Allard Lowenstein (D-NY) recruited Paul to get involved in a new investigation
    Paul had gone back to work, and had accepted that Sirhan did it
    Allard introduced Paul to Lillian Castellano and Floyd Nelson
    (Truth Committee Releases Conspiracy Evidence, L.A. Free Press, May 23, 1969)
    A photograph of bullets in the door frame, beyond the number of bullets reported
    Lowenstein was a good Democrat for New York, he was on Nixon's Enemies List
    Paul filed an unsuccessful lawsuit for files and evidence
    Superior Court Judge Robert A. Wenke, granted a refiring of the gun
    They found no evidence of a second gun
    When Lillian Castellano went public, they locked up the files
    The files were finally released in 1988 after a struggle
    A large amount of evidence had been destroyed
    Allard Lowenstein with William F. Buckley, Firing Line, April 11, 1975
    (Ex-Rep. Lowenstein Fatally Shot By Gunman in N.Y. Law Office) (3/14/80)
    The Obsession, the suicide of RFK assassination researcher Greg Stone (1/29/01)
  • MinMMinM
    Posts: 444
    Jim DiEugenio   (40:51)  
    MP3 download

    Jim appreciates the archival work of David Giglio (BOR #803) at, Reopening the R.F.K. Investigation: (Schrade/Lowenstein 1973)
    Suppressed Evidence of More than One Assassin?, Saturday Review, (Lowenstein 02/19/1977)
    Allard K. Lowenstein (01/16/1929 – 03/14/1980) graduated from Yale Law School in 1954
    Get a law degree from Yale, you've got your ticket punched forever
    He worked on Capitol Hill for Senator Hubert Humphrey (D-MN)
    He wrote Brutal Mandate about the Union of South Africa (1962)
    He helped write RFK's University of Cape Town "Day of Affirmation" speech (06/06/1966)
    In 1968 Lowenstein served a single term in Congress from New York State
    Articles and books questioned the JFK assassination, some even before the Warren Report
    Fifty-One Witnesses: The Grassy Knoll, by Harold Feldman, Minority of One (03/1965)
    Seeds of Doubt:, by Jack Minnis and Staughton Lynd (New Republic) (12/21/1963)
    Who Killed Kennedy?, by Thomas G. Buchanan (1964)
    Oswald: Assassin or Fall-Guy?, by Joachim Joesten (09/1964)
    That didn't happen in the RFK case until after the trial
    Lillian Castellano in the Los Angeles Free Press (06/06/1969)
    That article opened up Pandora's box
    Sirhan's lawyer, Grant Cooper stipulated to the evidence
    Lowenstein met really serious people with really serious questions
    Lowenstein did get a slight reopening of the case in 1975, the Wenke Panel
    Special Exhibit 10 Report, by Rose Lynn Mangan (BOR #769)
    Sirhan and the RFK Assassination, Part I: The Grand Illusion, by Lisa Pease (BOR #736)
    "Not a comparison against a test bullet, but rather, against another victim bullet"
    In Jim's long experience, he considers this fraud as being particularly "pretty bad"
    If the bullets did match, why would they have to go through all this?
    If the bullets don't match, then there has to have been a second gun
    Reply Brief on the Issue of Actual Innocence, by Pepper and Dusek (11/20/11)
    Criminalist Bill Harper questioned the ballistics in this case
    He told Lynn Mangan, they switched the bullets and they switched the guns
    (6 Years Later, Evidence in Sirhan's Case Is Questioned, by John Crewdson (NYT 12/15/1974))
    Sirhan's hypno-programming, the girl in a polka-dot dress (BOR #790)
    Next year is the 50th anniversary of Robert Kennedy's assassination
    Assassination by distraction, Thane Eugene Cesar in the perfect position
    "Robert Kennedy’s death...mourned as an extension of the evils of senseless violence"
    "how limited was the general understanding of what is possible in America"
    Allard Lowenstein, a politician who really had the guts to do the right thing
    Previous Jim DiEugenio appearance: BOR Show #823