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New Armstrong Interview--Dec. 22, 2016
  • I haven't quite finished this, but it's a real bombshell; fairly clear evidence that at least part of the Dallas Police Dept. was in on the assassination and the framing of "Harvey" Oswald. The most disturbing part is the suggestion that Westbrook was involved in the murder of Tippit. Do these cops have no moral compass whatsoever?

    What I still can't fathom, though, about Armstrong's research is why exactly the powers that be would have developed the two Oswalds long before they were needed at Dallas. Anyone have any ideas about this?
  • Yes, the foreign born Russian speaking boy was destined to replace the real Lee Oswald at the time of the defection to Russia. It is confusing whether Oswald did or did not regularly speak Russian in Russia. But, if anyone thought he did not understand it well, while he really did, they might let their guard down around him, and he might pick up some useful information.

    It was only after the decision to kill JFK that Oswald was selected as the patsy considering his history and the continuing ability to direct his activities in a way to further implicate him in the assassination.

    I think by the time of his move to New Orleans and his activity there, the selection had been made.

    Chris La May
  • LordBaltoLordBalto
    Posts: 219

    What I was referring to, was Armstrong's unearthing of parallel high school records for Harvey and Lee, long before anyone decided to assassinate Kennedy and, presumably, before the fake defector program was thought up.
    Armstrong--sounding like Inspector Joe Friday on Dragnet--cops out by indicating that he just reports the facts and has no opinion about the reasons behind them. Add to this the earlier attempts on Kennedy's life, and there appears to be something quite peculiar going on in the background that no-one has looked at.
    If one of those earlier attempts had been successful, would we now be looking at duplicates of one of those patsies? One has to ask, did the intelligence services keep a stable of these pairs "on the shelf" for just such operations? One could conceivably construct a theory of an operation that created a second Oswald look-alike in the run up to the assassination or even the fake defector program (though the reason for this escapes me). But back in high school? Not likely.
    As Alice said, "curiouser and curiouser."
    I also have to question the notion that there was a "real" Oswald and a fake Oswald. If both of these guys have genuine high school records and genuine marine records, then they are both real in any sense of the word I have ever come across.

  • 'before the fake defector program was thought up'

    That is the premise one needs to buy for Harvey & Lee. The fake defector program and it's use of young boys would have to have been thought up before Lee moved to NYC in 1952.

    One has to consider the very real practical difficulty of getting spies in to and out of the Soviet Union. Western Intelligence agencies were having very bad luck. Young Oswald had two brothers in the the military. The family displayed a willingness to serve. John Armstrong suspects that the earliest connection may have had something to do with Edwin Ekdahl.

    Of course there are two real persons. One of them though, has assumed the identity of the other.

    I don't think any other potential patsy had a doppelganger. I haven't heard of one anyways.

    Myself, I don't put a lot of weight on the seriousness of any plot other than Dallas. Not L.A., not Tampa, nor Chicago, which I think has the strongest evidence. Not sure what Chicago was about, some kind of dry run. Daley's Democratic Chicago was not Cabell's Republican Dallas.

    Only Dallas had most of the cabinet out over the Pacific. LBJ had pull in Texas, not in Illinois.

    I think the only serious kill zone was between those yellow stripes painted on the curb along Elm street, Dealey Plaza.

    I think John has it right, the doubling of Oswald goes all the way back to 1952. That premise makes sense out of much otherwise conflicting data.

    Chris La May
  • LordBaltoLordBalto
    Posts: 219
    None of this hangs together. The only obvious reason for a second Oswald is to frame the first one for the Kennedy assassination. Having a double at the time of the fake defector program doesn't buy them anything. What's the point of one Oswald in the USSR and another with the anti-Castro Cubans? Again, what does that buy them? The only thing I know absolutely here is that I don't know what is going on. They certainly weren't planning Kennedy's murder back in 1952.
    As for not knowing of a second double in Chicago, that's because the operation failed. Even in Dallas, no-one knows where the other Oswald got to. If they can disappear somebody who looks like Lee Harvey Oswald, what in the world makes you think they couldn't disappear the fall guy's double in Chicago?
    No, there's something ELSE going on here, that we know nothing about. And THAT is the scary part, the part that no-one seems to get, the part that causes such cognitive dissonance that no-one dares to even think about it.