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Why the Freeway Sign Was Altered
  • LordBaltoLordBalto
    Posts: 219
    I have always wondered why the Stemmons Freeway sign was altered in the Zapruder film. John Costella makes a persuasive case based on lens distortion, except for the sign, of the objects in the film. But I have always wondered exactly why they would do that. Did they introduce the sign to obscure something? Did they make it larger? Recently I ran into a suggestion that would explain the alteration of the sign. It's not that the sign was hiding something. It's that the sign itself was hit by a bullet. That's one of the anomalies on the supposed "original" film. With one of the three supposed shots from the depository removed due to its striking the curb a block away, leading to the "magic bullet" theory, they could hardly explain away a second shot that hit the sign. That would have taken them from magic territory into the land of the miraculous, and that they couldn't abide. It also explains why the original sign disappeared.
    At this point, I think we can make a generalization: If a piece of evidence has disappeared, it is critical to understanding the case.